Second Birthday for Phocentral

Hi all,
Phocentral is celebrating his second birthday today. Its been two years! OMG! days are flying fast.
Sorry for not making any further new enhancements for Phocentral. Got a career not as big as I dreamed but going on busy. I will try my best in the upcoming days.
I have to say two years with Phocentral was great and I thank God for all the things He has given me!

Thanks for all your support!
Looking forward to many happy days ahead

Burst in your wishes at

I am an Engineer!

At last, Graduation day came up. Moving to my native place (Kovilpatti, TN) on this Sunday to be graduated. Now I can call myself as a genuine engineer 😉 It took more time in Anna University for this year’s graduation. Wondering what…! Usually, it happens on Nov-Dec.
Hmm… anyway the degree comes. why to worry!
FYI, I finished my college in National Engineering college and I was 2005-2009 batch.

Vimal, you are an engineer!!! 😀

Second post

Check my first post date : Oct 10, 2009. This one, Feb 2, 2010 😉
This kicks my mind… ‘Vimal, you have a blog to post something’

Hmm.. From now onwards, atleast a post/month 🙂
Stay tuned in Ghz for upcoming jquery plugins. Got a lot in my mind.. Hopefully waiting for that wonder time to put it work.
This post for this month quota 😉