My Headless Linux Server

Finally I setup-ed my linux server for my home! Woo Hoo!!
Now I can code, develop my stuff & sites, get my hands dirty inside linux, stream music & videos within home network, or even host an online presence with DDns…. And I can do all these without even touching the server. well things are enormous to explore with this!
And also figured out that you can switch on a machine remotely 🙂 magic packet – WOL

Its running CentOS 6 on Intel Atom processor (D425KT) with 2GB Memory, great to run for 24×7 with very less power consumption.

A Blog to post!!

I have a blog to post!
I have a blog to post!!
I have a blog to post!!!
I have a blog to post!!!!
I have a blog to post!!!!!

May be I can remember like this….
Busy days btw

Hi! Im here only!

Sorry, almost forgot that I am having a blog to write! Work life is going hectic…
btw, good to be back.. will be creating soon that will host all my open source codes
thinking of a platform for the subdomain – joomla or drupal or ….. have to make a tough choice soon

Congrats CSK!

The hottest got even more hotter! What a IPL match yesterday! In my opinion no sports can beat the entertainment, twist and thrill provided in cricket. Besides all speculations, the final match brought all cricket lovers close together again. The very sad thing is that IPL gone bad due to the huge sum of money involved in it. Shame on those who made it worse. Lets hope all done clean for the next year’s IPL.

Congrats Chennai Super Kings! You deserve it from the first tournament for your great consistency shown by all you guys in all terms. Great performance as a team!

Lets put together all these wonderful talents into single great team for the World Cup T20.
All the best!