Data Description (dd) aka Data Destroyer

Want to create bootable usb sticks or pen drives? There is an easy way to do it, by using dd command.
dd stands for Data Description which is a low level copying command that does copying through raw data. By means of raw data, it has the power to clone the boot tables found in your iso cd/dvd images.

dd if=[source_iso] of=[device]

Just be careful while specifying input and output parameters! if is INPUT and of is OUTPUT. This command is nicknamed ‘Data Destroyer’, reversing the parameters will result in loss of some or all data in disk.

dd if=~/Download/boot.iso of=/dev/sdc

You can use findfs command to know your usb device name

I have already cautioned you. Please be careful while using this dd command. Be feared of ‘Data Destroyer’ 🙂

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  1. @Philip, Yes! you can use liveusb-creator. ‘yum install liveusb-creator’. Its available both for windows and linux.

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